Majahtayla is the creation of Hamilton Riley, a filmmaker/creative who has been working in media/broadcast for nearly ten years. He has worked with various creative companies, businesses, organizations, and artists; providing them with his unique creative style from an idea’s conception to its completion.  He has contributed his creative perspective to numerous video productions such as branding/promotional pieces, feature length documentaries, web series, music videos, reality television and feature films. 

Hamilton has an incredible eye for detail and shot composition. His cinematography can be seen in the short film, Types in Stereo (10 Film Festival Screenings) and also in The Angle webseries (The 2012LA WebFest, Cinematography Award).  Beyond his cinematography, his attention to detail and creative storytelling is visible in his editing as well.  Hamilton’s video editing credits include the public affairs series, Vocal Point produced by WHUT-TV; the award winning web series, The Angle; and the documentary, Giving Freedom a World Voice: A Reflection of the Global Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., which premiered on PBS in 2008.

Hamilton’s experience working as an independent creative filmmaker and working in client based environments has lead him to the creation of Majahtayla. Majahtayla is a unique perspective on what is seen and heard everyday; loves, obsessions, imagination taking over.  Majahtayla represents doing what you love, knowing your potential, working hard to achieve goals and being honorable in your pursuit.